In the last few decades, there has been a significant increase in obesity and diabetic population in whole world. Also a lot of research has also contributed to understand the mechanisms underlying the disease condition. In Drosophila also there are models to study the diabetes and obesity in larval stages and in adult stages as in both stages Drosophila development it has equivalent organs and molecules present in its body and circulation. I am currently working on the genetic aspects of development of diabetes and its cure using herbal formulations. In this study I am focused on how components of insulin signaling pathway may cause insulin resistance for development of the disease and is it possible for some herbal formulation to reduce the development of this phenotype in those genetic models. The major objectives of my study are:
1. Understanding the role of different nodes of insulin signalling pathway in developing diabetic phenotype.
2. The nodes that are causing the phenotype, can they be rescued by using some herbal formulation.

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