Live imaging of heminotal tissue (marked in green) during the process of thorax closure. 

Saurabh Singh Parihar

Academic background: 

Under graduation: B-Tech (Biotechnology), SHUATS, Allahabad

Post Graduation: M.Tech. (Biological Sciences), IIT Kanpur

Current Work: 


Understanding epithelial cell size dynamics and inter-tissue cooperation during thorax closure in Drosophila


Morphogenesis of a tissue or an organ involves a series of inter-connected events that together shapes the future organ shape and size.

Cell shape changes are commonly observed during the morphogenetic events, however, how such a dynamic changes of cell size are regulated during the morphogenesis is still not clear. Our work with atypical cadherins, namely, Ft and Ds, shows that the dynamic cell shape changes can be bring about by changing the levels of Ft and Ds proteins on the cell perimeter, which over and above DE-cad, provide additional level of cell-cell adhesion. 

Besides, our work in the thorax closure process also suggests an inter-tissue cooperation by nearby tissues, that play a crucial role in the migration of contralateral heminotal tissue toward the body mid line.