Contact Info: jyotitpt@iitk.ac.in

Jyoti Tripathi

Academic Background: 

Post-Graduation: DAVV, Indore


Current work:

Cancer with its secretome breaks the nexus between host metabolism and its regulatory pathways, thereby, perturbing the whole-body energy homeostasis. This dented energy homeostasis manifest into feeding abnormalities (Anorexia), muscle loss (Cachexia) commonly termed as CACS (Cancer Anorexia-Cachexia Syndrome) that deteriorate the patient’s quality of life increasing the morbidity and mortality. The fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, is a well-studied genetic model organism for understanding the molecular mechanism of human diseases including cancer. It also shows conserved organs and organ systems that cross-talk systemically to regulate energy homeostasis. Taking the advantage of sophisticated genetics of Drosophila and its fundamentally conserved signaling and metabolic pathways, in my doctoral research I am investigating Drosophila model for cancer-induced anorexia and trying to explore the mechanism behind various metabolic perturbation caused by cancer. To mimic cancer-induced anorexia in Drosophila, we consider epithelial tumors that are distant from the digestive system and neuroendocrine system. Since the studies and treatment till now are not sufficient enough to diagnose and cure this syndrome and its associated morbidity, using this platform I am also screening herbal formulations that can mitigate cancer-induced anorexia and with approaches to decipher their mode of action.

Video shows Tumor bearing anorexic larva moving out of food