Contact info: mahima@iitk.ac.in


Mahima Bharti

Academic Background:

Post Graduation: M.Sc. (Biotechnology) BHU, Varanasi

Current project: 

My project is inspired from the facts that fly model display conservation of the mechanisms that drive prostate carcinogenesis (PCa) in human. The overarching goal is to uncover the mechanisms of action of human PCa-linked oncogenes in the Drosophila model. We have mis-regulated of PCa-linked oncogenes in Drosophila and decipher the meaning of the phenotypic fallouts.  PCa oncogene targets include disparate set of genes. We are trying to resolve how these diverse targets underlie a unifying cancer-causing pathway. Ectopic gain of PCa oncogene induces a characteristic developmental anamoly.  Fascinatingly, this PCa oncogene co-operates for tumorigenesis by recruiting the same development cascade. Our finding, thus, offers an integration of the diverse sets of PCa oncogene targets seen into a common signaling network. This oncogene-induced development anomaly or their tumors served as a platform for drug screening/discovery.

Oncogene induce induce fate change in Drosophila wing epithelium