Academic background:


Under-graduation: C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur


Post-graduation: B.B.A. Central University, Lucknow

Current work:

Innate Immunity—a primitive defense mechanism against pathogen—is often triggered by entry of an agent that is foreign to the host organism. Innate immunity is a built-in system of host defense and helps survive the attack of pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. Some growing tumors, too, can induce systemic host innate immunity. The roles of such host responses are have not understood yet, although it is suspected to provide a tumor surveillance mechanism. In my doctoral thesis, I have address, using the genetically tractable model organism, Drosophila, the nature of the signaling cascades from a growing tumor that triggers systemic innate response, such that the Toll signaling pathway, and its role in tumor surveillance. Here we show that, when a host organism displays elevated Toll signaling, it
provides tumor surveillance. These finding in the Drosophila model carries immense translational prospect: namely, drugs that trigger Toll signaling would also confer tumor resistance.